Thursday, 10 July 2008

Episode 54 - Ella's secret

I’m thinking of having a revolving door fitted to the villa.

So far in the past twelve months I have gone from living on my own all week to having Martin here of a weekend, then Sophie and her family and Ella come over for Martin’s party, then Sophie and the girls came to stay when their house in London was sold, and Alistair was backwards and forwards from Brussels. Then they moved out to their new house and Ella came to stay then we went on holiday then Ella and Frank came to stay now they’ve gone and it’s just me again waiting for Martin to come home at the weekend!

My head is spinning with all the coming and going, I should have a chart on the wall so I know who to expect next, all I need now is for some distant cousin to pop out of the woodwork looking for a cheap holiday in Spain and I will scream…

Ella and Frank very nearly missed their flight last night. I kept telling them that they should check their flight times but did they listen. No they bloody didn’t. They were far too busy exploring the village and taking long walks in the hills. It was nearly six o’clock before they eventually checked their tickets and found out that they only had half an hour to be at the airport. You wouldn’t believe the panic that set in and Ella’s language! it made me blush so god knows what it what doing to the holy Father. They were in a right tizz getting the car loaded and the way that Ella drove off you’d have thought that she was competing in the grand prix.

Sophie and the girls seem to be settling into their new house. It’s a shame that Alistair can’t get to be with them as much as he would like but apparently he is tied up with a big trial in The Hague at the moment. Sophie is hoping that he will be able to get home for a few days at the end of the month. I don’t know how she is managing to cope with everything on her own. She moved into their new house with the girls last week and hasn’t had a moment to herself since then. She’s been busy trying to make the house more homely and seems to have spent every evening either decorating or gardening. It’s a good job that she has Liam and Cassy so close by, at least she isn’t up their totally isolated and she says that young Ollie has been a great help with some of the heavy lifting and stuff.

I’ve tried my best to help her with the girls so at least she doesn’t have to worry about them during the day while she is working. I’ve become a regular now on the school run and have made lots of friends with the other Mums waiting at the school gates. We are hoping to organise a fund raising committee for the little village school. The head teacher would like to be able to take the older children on field trips and we are trying to raise enough for them to have their own minibus. So that should keep me out of mischief for a while.

Oh damn the phone’s ringing, it’s probably Martin calling to ask me to arrange his golf for the weekend.

‘’Hello Mum’

‘Ella how lovely I thought you were Dad’

‘Is he OK?’

‘Yes he’s fine, its just that he usual calls mid week with a list of things that he wants me to get done before he come home at the weekend.’

‘’You’ll have to start charging him for secretarial duties’ laughed Ella’

‘Don’t you dare suggest it to him or he’ll have me glued to the lap top all day working on his spread-sheets. Talking about work have you settled back in to the routine after our wonderful holiday?’

‘Yes unfortunately. I was only saying to Frank this afternoon that two weeks back at the coal face and it feels like I’ve never been away.’

‘You poor thing. I’ll have to come over soon and spoil you with lots of home cooking.’

‘That’s sounds great Mum and I know that Frank would love to see you again.’

‘He seems a really nice chap, you’re lucky to have such a good friend.’

‘I know he’s so sweet he’s even asked if he can take me out to supper this week.’

‘Ella I hope you don’t think that I’m being silly but is it normal, for a priest to take a beautiful young girl out for supper?’

‘Oh Mum we’re just good friends and what’s wrong with friends going out for a meal together? When we were in Madrid we went out together for meals all the time.’

‘But that was different darling, we were on holiday and let’s face it you had me tagging along every night.’

‘Mum stop it, you’re making this sound really sordid. Frank and I are friends and that’s all there is to it. I’ll admit that he is rather dishy in a quiet intelligent kind of way but there is no way that we can ever be more than what we are now, good friends.’

‘Ella don’t shout at me. I’m only concerned for you, for both of you in fact. I can see the way that you look at him, I’m not completely stupid. I was young once as well you know. I just don’t want you to get hurt.’

‘Don’t worry about me Mum. I know that I’ll never have the kind of relationship with Frank that I would love to have so I’m prepared to settle for what I have now.’

‘So you do love him then?’

‘With all my heart but he must never know that or I could loose him. So please Mum, don’t breathe a word of this to anyone, not even Dad.’

‘Of course darling, I won’t tell a soul but promise me you’ll be careful, take it from me, a broken heart takes a lot of healing.’

‘Don’t worry Mum I’m a big girl now.’ Laughed Ella

‘I know darling, that’s what I’m worried about.’