Tuesday, 19 August 2008


When they moved out to Spain Fliss thought that Martin was going to be happy with a life of semi-retirement, what she hadn't bargained for was him spending half the week back in London. Tired of being alone Martin started an affair and was all set to leave Fliss when he suffered a heart attack. Now 6 months later he is back working in London during the week and only getting home at the weekend. Fliss is beginning to wonder if their marriage was worth fighting for, or if after her brief fling with Paolo she should think of moving on before it's too late for her to make a new life for herself.

Sophie has given up her well paid job in London to move her family out to Spain to be closer to her parents and to raise her children away from the rat race. Her husband Alistair has promised that he will try to get a transfer to Madrid so that he can spend more time with his family. Sophie hopes that the move will bring them closer together and that the hot Spanish nights will re-inflame Alistair's passion!

Ella, Martin and Fliss' youngest daughter, is a social worker in London. She split with her boyfriend after she finished University and now lives on her own in a dingy bed sit in the capital. During a holiday with Fliss she arranged to meet a friend from work who was in Madrid at a conference. Father Frank and Ella have been friends for a long time but it was the time they spent together in Spain that made Ella realise her true feeling for the young priest. During a late night phone call to her Mum, Ella confesses her love for Father Frank but says that she knows that nothing will come of her infatuation because Frank is dedicated to his calling, but are the priest's feelings quite as pure as Ella thinks?

Michael and Sonny had set up home in a new villa over in the next valley. Everybody thought that they were a happy loving couple but little did they know that Michael was insanely jealous of Sonny's colourful past. It was while Sonny was seeing some friends in Barcelona that Michael grew more and more convinced that Sonny was having an affair with one of his old boyfriends. Without waiting to hear Sonny's explanation, Michael, in a fit a passion, killed Sonny. After the funeral Michael was convinced that he had got away with the murder but later was worried that his friend Clara might suspect that he was hiding something from the police.

Clara Hale lived quietly in a town house in the village. She was a very private person who wanted to keep her past a secret from her new friends. Before she had retired Clara had worked for British Security and she feared that if she was recognised from those days that her life would be in danger. She confided to Justin Crowther, an old colleague, that she recognised Michael as a junior civil servant but he reassured her that Michael was no threat to her. What neither Crowther or Clara were to know was that Michael had disovered Clara had found Sonny's wallet hidden in his villa. The same wallet that Michael had told the Spanish Police had been stolen by Sonny's road side killer. Clara called Michael one night asking for help, she had fallen, broken her leg and was unable to get up. Michael arrived at Clara's house to find her lying on the floor and murdered her to stop her telling the police what she knew but the police alerted by British Security have now arrested Michael and the ex-pat community is buzzing with speculation.

Gloria and Malcolm Westbury have retired to Spain to live out their days in the glorious countryside. When a stranger turns up in their village, little do they realise how their lives are going to change for ever. Gloria is forced to confront her past and confess to her husband that she had a baby when she was only a child herself. Gloria's parents made her put the baby boy up for adoption and never to mention him again. However her grandson Ollie has found her and now she has to confess to Malcolm that she wants to get to know her long lost son while there is still time.

Liam and Cassy's dream of running their own business in Spain was in danger of collapse due to lack of funds when an unexpected business offer from Sophie and Alistair turned their fortunes around. The holiday lets and pony trekking stables are now nearing completion and the two families are looking forward to receiving their first paying guests very soon.

And finally, Ken and Lizzie Jessel might argue and bicker all day long but under the banter they are happy go lucky couple. When Lizzie said that she wanted to start a business importing and selling soft furnishings Ken thought that she was mad. But now he has had to admit that he was wrong to doubt his wife and is very supportive of her new venture into the world of commerce. The only fly in the ointemnt is Lizzie's brother Frankie. Will his little smuggling operation bring unwanted attention from Britiish Customs?